Healthier lifestyle for students

Introduction: It has come to our attention, as students at the college, that there is much needed improvement in everyone’s diet. So, this short proposal will touch upon some of the ideas from the suggestions-box, given by the students themselves. Its aim will be to help students live and lead a healthier lifestyle.

I strongly suggest that the school includes some recipes of healthy and easy-to-make meals. Many will be glad if the Principal also considers including an optional short cookery course in the curriculum for students who want to know more. It will be an inexpensive, yet invaluable, experience for those willing to join in. Furthermore, we have an excellent range of rooms on the premises, which can easily facilitate this particular activity.

As was seen in the suggestions as well, there is a dire lack of information regarding what is good and what is bad when it comes to healthy foods. A good idea might be to bring in a professional dietician who can give informative talks during the lunch breaks. Moreover, they can answer some of the students’ questions and provide insight as to what one needs to do in order to have a healthy diet.

I am very opposed to the idea of healthy food being tasteless and plain. You can experience a rich variety of tastes and still eat healthy. Hence, the reason why it would be a good idea to make some changes to the on-site food facilities, such as a modernized “healthy option” which is currently the most unpopular menu in the students’ coffee bar and restaurant. It is blatantly obvious that with a little bit of effort from the college itself, we can have a nice and pleasant meal, without having to suffer the fact that the food is healthy.

Realizing any one of the previously mentioned ideas would allow students to live the much sought after healthier lifestyle. Improving the students’ own cookery skills via a short course, improving the food served in the cafeteria, or having regular lunchtime talks by a dietician – all those would make the world of a difference to the health-seeking students. ist eine Schweizer Online Apotheke, spezialisiert auf Ladygra: Viagra für Frauen die Orgasmus und Lustpille

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